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Bengal Badminton Academy

Bengal Badminton Academy (BBA) was founded on January 17th, 2008, by a dedicated group of past and present players as well as renowned professionals in the field. Our primary objective at BBA is to promote and popularize the game of Badminton across all districts of West Bengal. We provide state-of-the-art training facilities not only to players from within the state but also to those hailing from neighbouring states. Furthermore, we actively encourage both professional and amateur players from West Bengal to actively participate in and support the sport.

The BBA’s programs are backed by top players, respected professionals, and certified coaches, ensuring the highest quality training and development opportunities.

We are a registered trust under the Indian Trusts Act 1882 and the West Bengal Registration Rules of 1933 (amended in 1984), operate with a strong commitment to transparency and accountability. We are proud to be recognized under sections 80G and 12AA of the Income Tax Act, which enables us to offer tax exemptions to individuals and organizations contributing to our trust.


Badminton Centre

We oversee the training of 550 enthusiastic trainees across our seven branches in Kolkata. With our multiple centres strategically located throughout the city, we strive to make badminton accessible to aspiring players of all ages and backgrounds. Our dedicated team of experienced coaches and trainers work tirelessly to impart the skills, techniques, and discipline required for success in this sport. From beginners to advanced players, our academy provides a nurturing and competitive environment where individuals can develop their talent and passion for badminton. We take pride in shaping the future of the sport and fostering a community of dedicated athletes in Kolkata.

1. Ordnance Club, Hastings


Ordnance Club Court

2. Barasat Stadium

3. Indurekha Indoor Hall, KNC Barasat

4. Sodepur Zilla Bhavan

5. Kolkata Police Badminton Stadium, Park Street

6. Subhanna, Salt Lake, Kolkata

7. Madhaymgram Municipality Badminton Court


Certified coaches and ex-badminton players run these centres with an emphasis on discovering and grooming new talent. The centres are dedicated to provide quality coaching and work as feeder for the proposed SHUTTLE EXPRESS BADMINTON STADIUM.

Badmnton players and people of repute make the Academy unique. The love for the sport and the endeavour to achieve our collective vision has brought these people together.


Persons associated with the Bengal Badminton Academy


~ Dr. Subrata Gupta, IAS – Badminton Enthusiast ~

~ Mr. Dileep Singh Mehta – Badminton Enthusiast & National Play ~

~ Mr. Subrata Banerjee – Ex International Player ~

~ Mr. Hirak Kanti Sengupta – Ex International Player ~

~ Mr. Sanjay Ray – Ex International Player ~




In spite of efforts, the training facilities currently run by the Academy are neither convenient nor sufficient for providing quality training to the trainees. A good Badminton centre must have at least four courts to provide adequate practice to each player; the facilities have only one court each. Secondly, they belong to organizations which have their own programmes and priorities and often facilities are not available for sports. Also the dispersed nature of facilities adds difficulty to coaches and players. The Shuttle Express Badminton  Stadium is planned with eight courts and fully equipped gymnasium, and in due course, even accommodation for players and coaches. The idea is to promote a fully integrated Badminton facility for not only the advanced players but also beginners. Situated in the rural fringe of Kolkata, the facility would fill a big vacuum for children from the rural habitations in South 24-Paraganas and some areas of North 24-Paraganas.



An area of 78 cottahs situated in ANDULGORI mouza, under the Kolkata Leather Complex (KLC) Police Station, in the district of South 24-Paraganas. The location is in the jurisdiction of Tardah Gram Panchayet, just 16 KM away from Science City and 12 KM away of New Town.


Project objectives and expected outcomes: (SHUTTLE EXPRESS BADMINTON STADIUM)

Our principal objectives in creating the Shuttle Express Badminton Stadium are:

  • An integrated facility for Badminton with eight courts, multigym and other ancillary facilities;
  • Coaching for beginners;
  • Advanced coaching for advanced players;
  • Make Badminton accessible to all sections of the society including those financially disadvantaged;
  • Preparation of players for state, national and international competitions.


We are nurturing young talents and we are confident that one day a sufficient pool of talented players would be generated by the Academy and they would go on to become National, International  Champions of tomorrow. The players of Bengal are immensely talented and proper infrastructure and training will take them to the international level.


Beneficiaries at the project: (SHUTTLE EXPRESS BADMINTON STADIUM)


The BBA proposes to use the facility for:

  • Fresh beginners based on their initial promise and inclination towards the game at grassroots level;
  • Advanced coaching for advanced players of all age groups;
  • Advanced training for coaches;
  • Access to badminton for amateur players and corporate;
  • Badminton training to interested players from neighbouring states and Nepal, Bangladesh  and Bhutan.


The BBA Indoor Stadium can provide training to 500 trainees. BBA already provides free Badminton kits, scholarships and other support to talented and financially weak Badminton players. For those reaching the state level and national level, it waives all fees so that they can pursue the game without financial hindrance. Bengal Badminton Academy will help a large section of young children to develop the skill and over time, we expect that a whole new sports community will develop in West Bengal.




Summary note on the project outlining all important aspect of the project:


Bengal Badminton Academy has planned an Indoor Badminton Stadium with eight courts. The salient components of the project are:

  • Total eight Badminton courts with synthetic surface;
  • Table Tennis
  • Multistation gymnasium;
  • Other equipment for Cardiovascular and strengthening exercises.
  • Jogging track;
  • Swimming arena
  • Sauna and steam room;
  • Services of a Physiotherapist;
  • Services of a dietician;
  • Dormitory and rooms for trainees and coaches;
  • Café & Restaurant for trainees and visitors.




As of now, the revenue expenditure of the trust is met through fees charged from the trainees and sponsorship/donations of well wishers and some corporate entities. The fees so collected after completion of the project will be spent on maintenance of the venue, electricity, expenses on consumables such as badminton feathers and sports gears, payment of coaches, physical trainer and officials. The surplus from fees is also utilized for sponsoring the promising badminton players.




For Bengal Badminton Academy,


Managing Trustee

Call: (M) +91 98302 73334

Email: bengalbadmintonacademy@gmail.com

Website: www.bbaindia.com


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